Crucifixion with the Virgin Mary and St John the Baptist

Tempera and gouache on wood
Master of Gaglianvecchio, c. 1430

Why did ArteProArte fund this work?

The town of Camerino was left uninhabitable by the earthquakes of 2016 and much of it remains at risk of collapse. This outstanding work by the Master of Gaglianvecchio of the Umbrian-Marche school is rooted in the history of Camerino. It was commissioned for the Convento di Sant’Angelo of Camerino by the Friar Benedetto di Ansovino, who is depicted kneeling in the foreground.  

How was the artwork damaged by the earthquake?

The Pinacoteca in which the painting was displayed suffered severe seismic shocks. Although previously conserved in 1997, the artwork suffered badly. Some emergency protective natural glue was applied as the painting was removed from the Pinacoteca. This was to prevent the loss of paint layers that had detached from the surface as result of the earthquake.

What conservation was carried out?

The painting’s surface was first gently cleaned using only a soft brush.  The emergency protective layer was then removed and the small lifted parts of the original paint layer repositioned with a rabbit and molasses glue.  This was followed by a delicate woodworm treatment to the back of the painting.  The wooden support was then consolidated using a series of very fine wooden wedges held in position by a special resin. The paint applied in previous restorations was removed and selective areas cleaned of greasy dust deposits using a cotton swab.  Unfortunately, this revealed that the previous restoration had been somewhat aggressive and in places destroyed the finest top layer of the original paint. Several large and small gaps were filled and retouched using 3 different finishing techniques depending on their severity. A final protective sealant was applied.  All interventions were agreed by the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage and the Environment of le Marche.

Who carried out the conservation?

Andrea Simoni, a local accredited conservator-restorer carried out the work from his studio in Comunanza (AP), meaning the funds supported a craftsman of Le Marche. 

How long did it take?

It took approximately 4 months to complete.

Where is the painting now?

The painting is hanging in the Pinacoteca e Musei Civici di Camerino for all visitors to enjoy.